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Columbia Property Management strives to offer consistent, first class service to its customers. With a focus on real estate management, Columbia Property Management provides exceptional, prompt service to our clients and customers. In addition, we have someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with emergency property needs.

Columbia Property Management was started in 2004 by owner and Broker-in-Charge Rebecca Fouché, after serving as a real estate broker and property management consultant for more than 27 years. As a native of Columbia, South Carolina Rebecca has valuable insight into local Columbia markets and rental trends, a vital advantage when assisting owners and matching renters with properties.

Looking for a Property to Rent?

When searching for a property to rent, there are several key factors to take into account, such as amenities, proximity to work and personal preferences as to neighborhood. Our property choices range from charming older homes with lots of character to newer apartments with modern amenities. Columbia Property Management will assist you in finding a property that best suits your needs as well as your budget. In addition, we have a full time staff to assist with maintenance and other needs. Most of all, at Columbia Property Management our goal is to help you find a place you can call home!

Looking for a Property Manager?

As an experienced property management company, Columbia Property Management will help you save time, conserve money, and reduce the stress of owning rental property. We will work with you to determine the goals for your real estate investment as they relate to the day-to-day management of the property as well as long term strategies. We will not only keep you informed regarding the physical condition of your property, we will keep you up to date on market trends and their effects on the value of your real estate investment. We will also help you make the right choices for property maintenance and improvements. Over the years we have developed a network and process for securing qualified tenants for our properties. Columbia Property Management will ensure that your property is properly managed to attract new renters and retain current tenants. Our staff looks forward to working with you!



Rebecca Fouché
(803) 931-0044 Ext: 209
Tiffany Snipes
Broker/Assistant Broker-In-Charge
(803) 931-0044 Ext: 205
Heather Benavidez
Heather Benavidez
Leasing Agent
(803) 931-0044 Ext: 203
Susan Knafelc
Systems Analyst
(803) 931-0044 Ext: 206
Jennifer Amason
Applications Specialist
(803) 931-0044 Ext: 202
Robin McMullen
Accounts Payable
(803) 931-0044 Ext:210
Bonnie Stabler
Advertising Specialist
(803) 931-0044
Jess Collins
Turnover Maintenance Coordinator
(803) 931-0044 Ext:213
Heather Case
Maintenance Coordinator
(803) 931-0044 Ext:214
Rachel Brophy
Collections Associate
(803) 931-0044 Ext: 215
Pepper Grinder
Administrative Assistant
(803) 931-0044
Olive Fouché
Chief Pet Officer